• Keep both hands on the steering wheel. This will give you better control over your car. Things can happen very quickly so always be aware of the traffic around you.

  • Refrain from eating, drinking or smoking while driving. Simple distractions are one of the main reasons for accidents.

  • Don't ever drink alcoholic beverages before or while driving; it's irresponsible and it's against the law.

  • Remember to obey all traffic signals and to drive the speed limit, especially in a school or hospital zone.

  • Servicing Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino Counties,
    Humboldt Driving School is family owned and operated and provides the most professional Drivers Education Program available as well as the most safe and convenient Drivers Training.

    We also offer specialized instructors for seniors and provide the service of taking our students to their driving test at the DMV, giving you more confidence that your test will be a complete success.

    1,000's of Humboldt driving school’s students have passed their written and driving DMV tests and upon passing, each student gets their photo taken with their picture featured on our wall of success.

    Humboldt Driving School - 2936 J Street, Eureka (entrance in the rear) - 707-442-4083
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